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Sarah's Place


Sarah's Place came into being through a web of love that was drawn from Sarah Roth's life journey.

Sarah's Choice

During her long and courageous fight with cancer, Sarah touched many lives. Near the end of her life, Sarah let her family know she did not want to die at home. Many others would make a similar choice if they had an option. 


The purpose of Sarah's Place is to provide, at no cost, a comfortable and peaceful setting for people, and/or their families, who are in hospice care, home health care, receiving treatment at Cary Cancer Center, or other extended treatment. 

Our hope

It is our hope that Sarah's Place will provide a sheltering home filled with love and that all who enter will feel the touch of peace provided by our savior, Jesus Christ.

Sarah Roth


Sarah's Story

Sarah Beth (Yates) Roth was married with two small children when at age 31 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This would begin a 13-year battle, and battle she did.

Sarah set goals for herself. She wanted to see her son and daughter graduate high school, attend her daughter's wedding, and see the birth of her grandson. These goals were accomplished. Sarah, along with three friends, started a breast cancer support group called Pinkie Pals. This was an outreach program of First Christian Church.

Through her entire treatment, Sarah stayed positive and always had a smile on her face. Sarah said in a speech once, "I say it's a miracle, a gift that I've been given, a blessing that I've received, love that I have seen, friendships that have developed. I am strong, not in body strength but in faith."

Cancer did cause her death, but it never took her life and for that thanks be to God.


Thank you so much for the use of Sarah's Place. This was a Godsend for us. It gave us a place to rest the 6 hours between radiation treatments.

This is a very special place.

- Cathy and Mike D.

I want to thank First Christian Church and its members for allowing us to have Sarah's Place for my husband. My husband had been in the hospital for fifteen month. ... He wanted to come home, but needed constant care, so First Christian Church was willing to let us have Sarah's Place. He loved looking out the window and seeing the traffic and people going by.

[Our] family can't thank you enough.

-Fern T. and family

Located at 1104 Church Street, Hannibal,

Sarah's Place is a ministry of First Christian Church. 

This ministry offers a "home away from home" and we pray it will be a light to all those who enter Sarah's Place. We dedicate this space to HIS honor and glory.


Inquiries may be made to

First Christian Church

1101 Broadway

Hannibal, MO 63401

Church Office:


After hours call: 573-248-6947

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